Kiteschoolscanner is the world’s first comparison site for kite schools. It has never been so easy to compare kite schools based on different criteria and to find the perfect match for your own needs.

In Germany alone there are currently more than 80 kite schools. In our comparison, the costs for a 12h beginners course range from 200 to 720 euros. But the equipment in the schools and, last but not least, the childcare key differ significantly. While the participating schools can present their offers in an appealing way, as a (prospective) kiter you have the opportunity to compare the market offers and can contact your preferred school without further ado. A win-win situation at no cost to both parties.


EXIT-Germany is an initiative to help anyone who wants to break with right-wing-extremism and to start a new life.

Maximilian Embert (Produktionsleiter)
Samantha M. Günther (Regie/Drehbuch)
Lukas Fritzsch (Kamera)
Sebastian Götze (Kamera)
Oliver Hannappel (Ton)
Marcel Gräfe (Komponist)

Christian Melchert (Off-Sprecher)